The Tentativeness of Scientific Theories: Conceptions of Pre-Service Science Teachers

Volume 02 - Issue 02
Jasmine Jain Nabilah Abdullah Beh Kian Lim
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The recognition of sound understanding of Nature of Science (NOS) in promoting scientific literacy among individuals has heightened the need to probe NOS conceptions among various groups. However, the nature of quantitative studies in gauging NOS understanding has left the understanding on few NOS aspects insufficiently informed. This paper aimed to probe the understanding on one of these underexplored aspects, namely the tentativeness of scientific theory. Phenomenographic data collect was used to infer the understanding of ten pre-service science teachers on the tentativeness of scientific theories. Results showed that the participants held two differing conceptions about the scientific theories in this regard, namely 1) Theories are changeable with future occurrences and 2) Theories are changeable opinions. Implications suggest that other than educating the future teachers about NOS, the pedagogical NOS knowledge should be equally emphasized so that they are able to include NOS in their instructions explicitly.


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