The Relationship Between Parenting Styles And Students’ Attitude Toward Leisure Time Reading

Volume 01- Issue 02
Syahidah Rena Nabeel Abedalaziz Chin Hai Leng
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The main purpose of this study was to state the relationship between the parenting style and students’ attitude toward leisure reading. A total of 147 (65 male and 82 female) students from two classes (class five, 80 and class six, 67) were participated in the present study. The Parental Authority Questionnaire (PAQ) and the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS) were adopted and used. Results revealed that: (a) participants held more positive attitudes toward reading; (b) males and females generally had similar attitude toward reading; (c) participants from both classes had similar attitudes toward reading; (d) authoritative style was the most highest practiced by the parents according to the students’ perception on their parents’ preferred type of parenting; (e) there was identifiable relationship between students’ attitudes toward leisure reading and their parents’ parenting style. Furthermore, there was an evidence of significant correlation between perceived parenting styles and the attitude toward leisure reading by gender; and (f) there was evidence that authoritative style raised in linear best predicted students’ attitude toward leisure reading.


  • Parenting style
  • authoritative
  • authoritarian
  • permissive
  • literacy
  • attitude
  • leisure time reading.
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