The Relationship Between Anxiety and Test-Taking C-Test and Cloze-Test

Volume 04 - Issue 01
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Anxiety has an important role in teaching and learning. If teachers can recognize which kind of tests create high anxiety then they will be able to omit these kinds of tests. Then, the results of test can probably show the students’ knowledge more carefully. The subjects of the present study were sixty Iranian female junior university students. They were given three kinds of test: an anxiety test, a C-test and a Cloze-test. Descriptive statistics for subjects' performance on the Cloze-test and C-test were used to compare the mean score of the subjects in both tests. Finally, the results of anxiety test and C-test were correlated and then the results of anxiety test and Cloze-test were also correlated. The anxious students feel more anxiety while taking C-test than Cloze-test.


  • Anxiety
  • Cloze-Test and C-test
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