The Effectiveness Of An Additional Stretching Exercise Program In Improving Flexibility Level Among Preschool Boys

Volume 02 - Issue 03
Wee Akina Sia Seng Lee Shabeshan A/L Rengasamy Subramaniam A/L Raju
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This study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of a two minutes' additional stretching exercise program in a 30 minutes games teaching lesson in improving the flexibility level of 6 year old preschool boys (M = 5.92, SD = 0.27) in a preschool in Malaysia. Fifty (50) preschool boys were selected for the study based on the intact sampling method. From the two classes, one class was randomly selected as an experimental group (n= 25), while another class which was used as the control group (n = 25. The experimental group underwent intervention in a form of a circuit training program involving a set of additional strectching exercises for two minutes after a five-minute warm up session in a 30-minute games teaching lesson conducted twice a week for 10 weeks. After 10 weeks, ANCOVA analysis was carried out indicated the treatment group was significant with F (1, 47)= 19.219, p < .05. This indicates that an additional two minutes of additional stretching exercises in the form of circuit training carried out in a 30 minutes gamesteaching lesson conducted twice a week for 10 weeks improved the flexibility level of pre-school boys in a preschool in Malaysia.


  • additional stretching exercise program (seated L
  • seated toe touch
  • hip flexor and standing quadriceps)
  • flexibility
  • pre-school boys
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