The Effect Of Planetarium Trip On Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Metaphorical Perceptions About Planetariums

Volume 04 - Issue 04
Aykut Emre Bozdoğan
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The study aimed at examining the effect of the planetarium trip on metaphors developed by the pre-service science teachers about the concept of planetarium. Within this context of the study, a trip was organized to Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Planetarium. Pretest-posttest control group design, one of the experimental designs, was used in the study. Total 64 fourth year pre-service science teachers, 42 females and 22 males, participated in the study. As a result of the study, it was observed that the pre-service teachers in experimental group participated in the planetarium trip and developed metaphors related to the concept of planetarium in a six week process and all of these metaphors changed completely except for one participant. There was no change with the metaphorical perceptions of nearly fifth quarters of the pre-service teachers’ in control group in the same time interval. It was determined that the pre-service teachers in experimental and control groups mostly grouped planetariums in the research centre’s category during the pre-interviews.


  • Planetarium
  • Metaphor
  • Pre-service Science Teachers
  • Field trip
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