Thai EFL Learners' Attitudes and Motivation Towards Learning English in Content-based Instruction

Volume 06 - Issue 01
Yuanxing Lai Prachamon Aksornjarung
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This study examined EFL learners’ attitudes and motivation (CBI) towards learning English through content-based instruction at a university in Thailand. Eighty-one university students, majority sophomores, answered a 6-Likert scale questionnaire on attitudes and motivation. Statistical analysis showed that students in general held a positive attitude towards the course and their English learning motivation was at a moderate level. Significant differences in attitudes between students from faculty of nursing and those from faculty of medicine and that between females and males were found. However, their overall attitude towards the course was not significantly correlated with their learning motivation. It is recommended that CBI teachers adopt motivational strategies to enhance both students’ instrumental motivation and integrative motivation. It is advisable that further study may investigate learning environment, learner identity and learner engagement in the CBI classroom.


  • content-based instruction
  • attitude
  • motivation
  • university learners
  • Thai EFL
  • Asia
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