Teachers’ Planning and Preparation for Lesson Plan in the Implementation of Form 4 Physical Education Curriculum for the Physical Fitness Strand

Volume 01- Issue 04
Syed Kamaruzaman Syed Ali
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This article is related to the study of lesson planning prepared by secondary school Physical Education teachers in the Gombak district. Findings of the study show that Physical Education teachers have prepared lesson plans at satisfactory level (M = 4.13; SD = 0.79). All elements within the lesson planning components achieved high mean scores. The elements include topic of lesson (M = 4.50; SD = .65); sub topics (M = 4.28; SD =.81); lesson objectives (M = 4.36; SD = .69); preparation of teaching materials (M = 4.08; SD = .88); reflection (M = 4.37; SD =.70); and teaching activities (M = 4.00; SD = .82). It was also found that teaching activities planned by teachers consisted of set induction, warming up, demonstration by teacher and students, class exercises, group exercises, simple games, stretching or recovery, questioning or discussion, assessment and tasking. On the whole, the aspects of planning and preparation among Physical Education teachers towards lesson planning components were more inclined toward the element of teaching topics.


  • Lesson Planning and Preparation
  • Physical Education
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