Students’ Perceptions on Self- and Group-Assessment in Enhancing Learning Experience

Volume 03 - Issue 02
Lee‐Fong Siow
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This study reports the effectiveness of self- and group-assessment in improving students’ learning experience. Students in a group of four were required to submit two self-assessments, one after the first submission and the other during the final submission of the assignment. An anonymous assignment was then given to each group for a group-based assessment. Students were asked to respond to the comments given in the group-assessment and were given chance to revise their assignment before the final submission. The results show that both self-and group-assessments were perceived as enabling students to become more critical, work in a more structure way and think more deeply. Group-assessment was especially highly regarded, as students felt they learned more from the given feedback and became analytical after the group-assessment. Although most of the students felt that both the self- and group-assessments were time consuming, they would love to have group-assessment in their future assignment.


  • self-assessment
  • group-assessment
  • feedback
  • perception
  • critical
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