Students’ Perceptions Of Learning Mode In Mathematics

Volume 04 - Issue 02
Saras Krishnan
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Blended courses or hybrid courses have gained popularity over the years due to the flexibility and convenience offered by such courses. Use of technology in the online component of the blended/hybrid courses is another influence particularly to the younger generation of learners who enjoy learning interactively in a virtual environment. However, depending on the subject matter and the type of learners, traditional classroom approach may be preferred to the hybrid approach. This paper discusses the perceptions of students of the face-to-face mode and the online mode in hybrid mathematics courses. Analysis shows that the students in this study preferred the face-to-face learning mode although they agree that the courses should be taught in a hybrid mode. In particular, they are more comfortable interacting with their peers and the instructor in the face-to-face learning mode and they find the face-to-face instructions enable them to learn and understand the mathematics concepts better.


  • face-to-face
  • hybrid courses
  • learning environment
  • online
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