Stimulating Deep Learning Using Active Learning Techniques

Volume 04 - Issue 03
Tee Meng Yew Fauziah K.P. Dawood Kannaki a/p S. Narayansany M Kamala a/p Palaniappa Manickam Leong Siok Jen Kuan Chin Hoay
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When students and teachers behave in ways that reinforce learning as a spectator sport, the result can often be a classroom and overall learning environment that is mostly limited to transmission of information and rote learning rather than deep approaches towards meaningful construction and application of knowledge. A group of college instructors set out to change this in the context of their own classrooms. The instructors formed a community of practice and embarked on an action research project on seeking ways to stimulate deep learning approaches in their classrooms. Active learning techniques such as role-playing, student-led discussions, and debates are discussed. Each member of the community chose techniques that he or she was comfortable with and which could best meet the desired learning outcomes. This article describes the process, successes and challenges based on the experience and the quantitative and qualitative data collected by the community of practice functioning as an action research team.


  • Deep learning
  • active learning
  • action research
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