Self Regulated Learning for Developing Nursing Skills Via Web-Based

Volume 01- Issue 01
Rafiza Abdul Razak Khor Bee Hua
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The purpose of this study is to find out whether the first year student nurses able to learn and develop the psychomotor skills for basic nursing care using web-based learning environment. More importantly, the researcher investigated whether web-based learning environment using self regulated learning strategy able to help students to apply the psychomotor skills in the real world. In this qualitative design research, samples were assessed for cognitive and psychomotor learning. The samples were first year student nurses enrolled in diploma in nursing. After learning to apply and remove sterile gloves via web based, students were assessed on their cognitive and performance skills. Results showed that majority of students obtained better cognitive skills results and able to demonstrate the skills effectively.


  • self-regulated
  • web-based learning
  • nursing skills
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