Research and Trends in the Studies of School-Based Oral English Assessment from 2003 to 2011: A Review of Selected Journals

Volume 01- Issue 03
Nur Diana Mohd Kamal Saedah Siraj Norlidah Alias Mohammad Attaran
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Assessing oral proficiency is a real challenge for English language practitioners. Throughout the process of assessing, many features of oral competence are worth given attention by teachers as the assessors. As such, the Malaysian Ministry of Education has urged for another alternative for oral assessment in 2002 with the intention of revamping and improvising the existing system. This new assessment is none other than School-Based Oral English Assessment (SBOEA). Therefore, this paper intends to review the studies done on the implementation of School-Based Oral English Assessment (SBOEA). Among the 15 articles selected from 2003 to 2011, 7 of them focused on the Malaysian school context. The rest of articles touched on School-Based Assessment in other contexts and speaking test as a whole. Based on this review, it is now possible to postulate that most studies were conducted to investigate respondents’ attitude and perception toward this type of assessment. At this juncture, it is also obvious that mixed methods which involve the use of both quantitative and qualitative study are the most preferred method in the studies of School-Based Oral Assessment. Although the use of questionnaire is fairly dominant in these journals articles, it is noted that other instruments such as semi-structured interview, observation and document analysis were also employed for data analysis. In addition, the insight and the data gained from these studies could be beneficial for future reference in reviewing and modifying the implementation of School-Based English Oral Assessment in Malaysia. As such, the findings drawn from the studies can shed some light for better implementation in Malaysia.


  • school-based assessment
  • studies
  • review
  • research purpose
  • trend
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