Multimodality in Malaysian Schools: The Case for the Graphic Novel

Volume 03 - Issue 02
Thusha Rani Rajendra
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This paper aims at exploring the benefits of including graphic novels as a wholesome supplement in Malaysian schools. Research has indicated that the mono‐modality of traditional linear texts may impede comprehension. The emphasis on multi‐literacies clearly scaffold the need to employ multimodality in the classrooms; hence the suggestion of introducing graphic novels. Once placed at the bottom of the literary heap and viewed as a light reading material, this medium has been enjoying much popularity especially in the West. Graphic novels are able to stimulate reluctant readers’ interests besides being a challenge to students familiar with traditional literature. As part of an on‐going research which investigates how verbal and textual elements are represented in graphic novels, this paper discusses the advantages of including graphic novels especially in Malaysian schools. With the advent of multimodality through various platforms, graphic novels are interesting as an alternative mainstream multimodal medium. As an innovative and creative pedagogic supplement, graphic novels offer a multitude of learning and teaching experiences


  • Graphic novels; Comics; Visual literacy; Multimodality; Multiliteracies
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