Informal And Formal Environmental Education Infusion: Actions of Malaysian Teachers and Parents Among Students in a Polluted Area

Volume 04 - Issue 01
Baniah Mustam Esther Sarojini DANIEL
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The study explored Environmental Education infusion among students by teachers and parents in two schools located in a highly polluted area. Qualitative data was collected through observations, interviews and an open-ended questionnaire. Participants of the observations and interviews were 6 Secondary 4 students, 6 teachers and 6 parents. Participants for the open-ended survey consisted of 60 Secondary 4 students, 30 teachers and 30 parents. Data from the three sources were triangulated to identify how Environmental Education infusion happened through formal and informal education in school and at home. Findings indicate that parents and teachers do make an effort to infuse elements of environmental education through different ways.


  • Environmental Education; Infusion; Formal & Informal Education
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