Formative Feedback in a Malaysian Primary School ESL Context

Volume 04 - Issue 01
Sedigheh Abbasnasab Sardareh
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The idea of providing students with formative feedback is a crucial part of formative assessment. Teachers need to provide students with feedback that improves their learning. In other words, formative feedback should provide learners with information that help them bridge their learning gap. As formative assessment itself is a newly introduced product in an innovative transformation introduced by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, it would be particularly interesting to investigate how formative feedback which is the main component of formative assessment is being implemented. To answer this main question, classroom observations were conducted and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) were carried out with a group of primary school ESL teachers in Malaysia. The results indicated that using feedback systematically to support learning is rare and teachers are not aware of strategies to implement formative feedback to improve students’ learning and use the information in their future instruction.


  • ESL
  • Formative assessment
  • Formative feedback
  • Qualitative research
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