Development of Health Education Learning Module in Bac.TSE-LDPE Programme in TTI : Needs Analysis Study

Volume 03 - Issue 01
Alijah Ujang Norlidah Alias Saedah Siraj
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This study is to explore the need to develop learning modules of health education for trainee teachers in the Bachelor Of Teaching (Hons)(Special Education-Learning Disabilities For Primary Education) Programme (Bac.TSE-LDPE) in the Teacher Training Institute (TTI). The questionnaire uses the Likert scale with the close ended questions analysed by percentage while open ended questions are analysed by theme. The questionnaire, piloted on 20 trainee teachers of the January 2009 TTI intake, had a Cronbach alpha coefficient of .85. A total of 64 trainee teachers from the same cohort then answered the questionnaires. The study found a total of 60 (93.8%) people agreed that health education should be learned by trainee teachers and that the health education module be developed. Among other aspects, trainees hoped that cleanliness including managing of menstruation, healthy lifestyle, food and nutrition, health management as well as outdoor activities of students with learning disabilities will be included in the module. A total of 60 trainees also agreed that health education needs to be studied by students who face problems with personal hygiene: the physical body, food and nutrition, communication and relationship. Teachers and parents who are not equipped with health education were also identified as part of the problem. The development of the learning module is expected to address all the aspects so that the gap between teaching and practices in training special education teachers can be overcome in the future


  • needs analysis
  • health education
  • Student with Learning Disabilities
  • Trainee Teachers
  • Bachelor Of Teaching (Hons)(Special Education-Learning Disabilities For Primary Education)(Bac.TSE-LDPE). Teachers Training Institute(TTI)
  • Integrated Special Education Programme(ISEP)
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