Conceptions Of The Nature Of Biology Held By Senior Secondsry School Biology Teachers In Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Volume 05 - Issue 03
Adegboye Motunrayo Catherine Ganiyu Bello Isaac Olakanmi Abimbola
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This study investigated the conceptions of the nature of Biology held by biology teachers in Ilorin, Nigeria. Specifically, the study examined the influence of gender, qualifications and experiences on the biology teachers’ conceptions of the nature of biology. The study was a descriptive research of the survey type. The population for the study comprised all the biology teachers in Ilorin, Nigeria. Simple random sampling technique was used to select two hundred and sixty (260) biology teachers from Ilorin, Nigeria. A questionnaire entitled “Biology Teachers’ Conceptions of the Nature of Biology Questionnaire “(BTCNBQ) was designed by the researchers and used to collect data in the study. Results of the study revealed that each biology teacher held admixture of informed conceptions, and misconceptions conceptions about the nature of biology. The results of the study also revealed that biology teachers’ gender, qualifications and experience did not have significant influence on the number of misconceptions and informed conceptions of the nature biology they held. Based on the findings, it was recommended that, Biology teacher educators and curriculum experts should introduce the courses on the nature and philosophy of biology into teacher education programmes, to enhance teachers’ curricular and pedagogic content knowledge.


  • Nature of Biology
  • Biology teachers
  • Science education
  • Misconceptions
  • Alternative conceptions
  • Informed conceptions
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